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Long Beach Lodge Resort

Tofino has always been a bucket list destination of mine, and to have the opportunity to take my family to Tofino and stay at the beautiful long beach lodge resort was just incredible.

We stayed in a 2 bedroom rain forest cottage.

Our room was fully equipped with a full kitchen, 2 full bathrooms, living room, dining room, 3 beds, and a private patio with a hot tub making it the perfect place to stay for our family.

Although we didn’t have a car to visit other places, there was so much to do and explore just steps away from our cottage. We visited the beach many times never missing a sunrise or sunset, each time was just as breathtaking and spectacular as the last.

I also highly recommend checking out the main restaurant located upstairs of the check in centre. The food was delicious and the view was amazing making it a memorable dining experience.

Staying at long beach lodge resort in Tofino , personally was my utmost favourite trip I have ever taken. Thank you to Long beach lodge for having us!

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