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It's still there

A little insight on PPD & Anxiety in my life;

PPD & anxiety doesn’t just go away because your baby is getting older or because you’ve decided to manage it yourself. I believe some people tend to forget that I still have it as time goes on, even myself has forgotten about it time to time, but it’s still there.

I am a lot happier than in the beginning, and things are getting easier, but I still have days where I get upset for no reason & anger that comes from no where. I get overwhelmed by the simplest things. I cry over the stupidest things. Sometimes I feel like I’m not a good enough mom, that I should be doing more, criticizing myself constantly.

But, having PPD & anxiety has given me the opportunity to learn how to manage how I feel, to really focus on what is most important in putting my energy into, to surround myself with only positive people, and to give myself a break. .

Although I have some bad days and sometimes I say things out of frustration, but I know I’m a good mom and I’m doing the best of my ability. .

So to all the other moms with PPD & Anxiety - “ give yourself credit for all of the days you made it through when you thought you couldn’t “

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