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The unexpected

I always wanted to have a baby by the age of 25. Having baby fever, and seeing the mini's of other moms seemed so amazing. There was very little talk about no more than the basics of what to expect when the baby is born. When Riley arrived there was an overwhelming amount of emotion from so in love, to nervous to PPD & A. I went into the whole thing being naive, thinking it would be easy, that she would sleep well, that she wouldn't cry 24/7, that she would be so much fun to take places. I did not expect the first 5 months of her life would be the hardest time of my life. No one helps you prepare for a fussy colicky baby, no explanation of why she cried whenever she was awake, why she never slept, and why I could never console my own child. I wanted to share my story with others because I felt alone when I went through this, and there definitely needs to be more information provided on these topics so new parents can have some insight in case this happens with their little one. Going through all these ups and downs has made me an even stronger mom, and the best I can be for Riley.

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